What's Included

The Exit Factor Master Program is an annual comprehensive program to support you in growing your business profit, efficiency and exit value.

  • Exit Assessment

    $2,500 value

    The program starts with an Exit Assessment, establishing what the company is worth today, what is the potential future value, and what are the milestones and gaps needed to achieve that goal.

  • 1:1 Consulting

    $5,000 value

    Once you have your assessment, you will begin working with your dedicated, certified consultant each quarter to establish priorities and action plans to move the company forward.

  • Industry Leading Learning Curriculum

    $12,900 value

    In between consulting sessions, you will use our industry-leading online curriculum to help make progress on your priorities and empower you with the knowledge you will need to become a top-valued company. You will also get access to monthly expert presentations, open office hours with our founder as well as pre-vetted industry resources and partners.

Our Member Results

Our engaged members move their businesses forward. Don't put off the results you can achieve today.

  • Double Free Time

  • 25% Increase in Profit

  • 56.7% Increase in Business Value

  • 100% Successful Sales

Pricing options

Choose the payment option that works for you.


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