Course Overview

Four, 60-minute group calls with additional resources and templates from top deal makers.

  • The Market and Business Valuations

  • The Search

  • Qualifying Deals

  • Offers + Financing the Deal

Templates and Resources

  • Business Valuation Workbook

    Evaluate any deal and calculate a business valuation on your own in less than one hour!

  • Top Deal Advisors in the U.S.

    A comprehensive list of who you need to be connected to in order to get access to the best deals.

  • Business Financing Guide

    List of the top financing institutions in the U.S. for business acquisitions loans.

  • Deal Qualification Guidelines

    A template to help you create your own acquisition rules to vet deals quickly and easily.

  • Pre Closing Checklist

    Everything you need to do in order to get the deal closed.

  • Transition Timeline and Resources

    No acquisition is successful until the transition. Proven timeline to ease this challenging time.

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